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Meridie S.p.A. is an investment company dedicated both to SMEs, with the aim of promoting their development and healthy growth, and to companies in difficulty for which it is necessary to start turnaround operations. Meridie enters in the share capital, both through minority or majority shares, offering to the companies financial support and strategic consultancy at the same time without the stringent constraint of a quick way-out. The target companies are those with high growth potential operating in any business sector and located throughout Italy. Meridie’s registered office is located in Milan, the country's financial capital, while the operational headquarters are in Naples where it all began. Meridie S.p.A. was born in 2009 from the idea of the entrepreneur Giovanni Lettieri, President and legal representative of the company since its birth. The investment company starts with the listing on the stock exchange. The company was listed until 2019, when the Patron launches a public purchase offer and therefore decides to delist the company. Meridie currently has three real estate investments in its portfolio (two in wayout phase and one in initial stage) and an industrial investment in the aeronautical maintenance sector through the company Atitech SpA.


  • Industry
    Activities pointed primarily towards SMEs with the aim of making them grow and develop in a healthy way through cash injections, an important network and a new strategic vision. There are no foreclosures of sectors and above all the stress of the fast and mandatory wayout. The type of intervention is shared with the entrepreneur so that it is personalized in all its aspects. Meridie, through its managers and always under the supervision of the President Lettieri, actively and operationally participates in the whole process.
  • Real Estate
    Within the vast real estate market, Meridie is an important player in the segment of development of areas to be redeveloped. Its track record is characterized by the transformation of former abandoned industrial areas into innovative commercial, sports and entertainment projects as well as residential ones.
  • Advisory
    This involves strategic and financial consultancy aimed at achieving precise and predetermined objectives. Strengthened by his skills, Meridie manages to offer his customers a job closely linked to the success of the operation. Search for new debt, M&A and corporate strategic reorganization are the main advisory activities.


Atitech S.p.A.

Company operating in the aeronautical sector and in particular in the maintenance sector. Acquired in 2009 from the bankruptcy of the airline Alitalia, after a difficult turnaround, today the company is the flagship of the sector as well as the most important independent private company in aeronautical maintenance in Europe.

Residenze Imperia S.r.l.

A real estate company whose purpose is to carry out a property renovation through the demolition of two office buildings and the subsequent construction of a single building for residential use. The project, called "Palazzo Menoni”, is located in Milan in the Navigli area. The company has a fully paid-up share capital of EUR 3,584,000.

Fulvio Testi S.r.l.

A real estate company with the aim of building a residential complex in the north area of Milan consisting of 90 flats, large green areas and underground car parks. The project will be characterised by a strong "green" focus thanks to the use of special materials, energy efficiency systems and energy production through the use of a photovoltaic plant based on the rooftop. The company has a fully paid-up share capital of EUR 5,000,000.

Residenze Romolo S.r.l.

Founded as a real estate company for the realization of a university campus in the city centre of Milan, today is an investment company both in the real estate sector and in other areas such as start-ups and fashion. The company has afully paid up share capital of EUR 2,630,000.


Viale Bianca Maria n° 15 – 20122 Milano
Palazzo Atitech - Aeroporto Capodichino 80144 Napoli
TEL.: 0816849611 / FAX: 0816849620

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